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. family anticipate friends remember a law student killed while riding her bike. this morning many questions still remain about the extent that took her life. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm kmberly suiters. >> i'm gill. it's saturday, september 25, 2010. the news is just ahead. first a quick check on forecast, meteorologist chuck bell is here th us this morning and i liking the fact in two hours temperature here has only climbed three degrees. >> still a very warm day today. nowhere near the craziness of yeerday. yesterday 99. we're nowhere near that today. we'll be within a whisper of another 90 degree day today you can believe that as the move september starting to get very close to over. right now clouds hanging over washington. no real rain threat. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s. we're 77 downtown. 77 up in the panhandle of west virginia. 75 in quantico.
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that band of light rain showers is fallingapart as it comes out of the mountains. not much of a rain threat here in washington. ahead of the cold front, one more really warm da today with temperatures up close to 90 degrees. florida international, the panthers are coming up to college park to take on the terrapins today. 85 degrees at noon in college park. ood weather for the maryland game. in our headlines we're following brking news out of prince george's county. that is where three people have been shot. this happened in the 5,500 block of livingston terrace in oxon hill. we still don't know the condition of any of the victims. we don't know their identities either or whether police have any suspects at this point. happening today the man charged with the murder of a southeast woman will be in court soon. the 2-year-old david sams will be in court. he's a rapper and being charged with secondegree murder in the
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shooting death of hley mccray a week ago. last night dozens of people gathered to remember ashley. she was shot along bruce place in southeast and died from her injuries. ashley friends say they are not only praying for her family but for sams and his family as well. as police investate an accident that left a bicyclist dead friends and family are remembering the victim, natasha ettigrew. the u.s. senate candidate and triathlete touched many leaves. darcy spencer has more on ooh vigil for her last night. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil drew people from across the community to remember the life of 30-year-old natasha petti grew. she was struck killed while riding her bike on sunday morng in largo. >> she was unconscious. but, you know, i didn't know if she could hear me or couldn't. so one ofhe thing i kept
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saying is keepbreathing. >> reporter: pettigrew was running for the u.s. nature as a green party cdidate was riding her bike at 5:30 in the morning when she was truck by a woman driving cadillac suv. the woman said she didn't stop at the scene because she thought she hit an animal. she reported the incident once she got home. >> i was definitely a horrible situation to be in. like i said all i could do was pray. i prayed then and i continue to pray to this day and i will continue to pray for the rest of my life. >> reporter: among those attending the vigil the principal of her high school. >> numerous clubs. ecology club. she played lacrosse. her real goal was really her studies. she had passion for studies. ♪ >> reporter: people sang songs and prayed.
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the vigil meant to a celebration of a young woman whose life held so much promise. >> to be able to inspire people, to, you know, reach their highest potential. >> reporter: a maryland state police official says this investigation is wide-open and on going. we should know whether charges will be filed in this case somete soon. in largo, darcy spencer, "news4 today." fire officials in manassas are continuing their investigation into what cause ad ma -- caused a massive fire on thursday. three homes were damaged. some residents arecritical of the homes' construction saying they were built too close together but fire officials who investigated the area say there were no ructural violations and the homes were built exactly code. a teenager in virginia beach is recovering this morning after being treated for a suspected shark bite.
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it happened yesterday afternoon in virginia beach. officials say the bite wouldn't around the y's leftnkle and knee were consistent with a shark take. in 2001 a 10-year-old richmond bo died after being bitten in the shark in he very same area of virginia beach pup covered that story. >> it was a scary time for folks down near the beach. >> right now metrobus operators and mechanics are being put to the test. >> early morning exercises are evaluating their skills for your safety. this is the metro rodeo. happening in landover, maryland. derrick ward is headed out to the rodeo. what your seeing out there? >> rorter: a lot of buses and cones actually pretty interesting to watch. take a look. the actual rodeo began hereith metro and since spread internationally. the driver who does the best here will go on th represent
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metrobus in the internatial rodeo and it's something that's gained popularity over the years pup see a bus right now is going through its paces. one of the things it has to do, some guy in the foreground with ten tennis balls. they have to get the wheels through those tennis balls without knocking them over. get the most points for fewest balls knocked over. these courses are designed simulate what drivers go through in the daily routines. they are testing mechanics. they planted some bus engines with some problems and time them and how efficiently they solve those problems. to talk about how important this is to your every day driving skills we talked to the person who designed this course. you try to simulate what operators have to do every day on the street, you know, tight turns, make sure that the operator is able to make the short right and left tus and maneuver around obstacles.
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that's basically what it's all about. >> if you're an operate oror bus mechanics, either one, this like your super bowl. if you're a lif long bus operator or you're a life long mechanics this is a chance for us to get together as a family, kind of thing, we try to make at it family event for everyone every year. >> it is a family event. iee smoke rising from several barbecuers right now. there's some, i think mcgruff the crime dog and a mascot and robot metrobus will be here. going on until about 3:00 this afternoon. it's happening in landover off of route 50. kids loveuses and trucks and i'm sure this will be fascinating for them. the person who performs best here will represent metrobus in the international bus rodeo. we're live in landover. now back to you. we should note that rodeo is a play on wor, course. >> not a typo.
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>> still to come a bank heist you have to see to believe. we'll explain. she admits to violating the terms of her probation but this morning lindsay lohan is not in jail. we'll explain why.
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miami police are searching for bank robbers that pulled off a dramatic heist. investigators say first the two broke into a templer's apartment around midnight yesterday. in the morning one thief drove with the teller to his branch, made him strap on an explosive device and ordered him to steal from the bank's vault. the second suspect waited at the apartment with the territorial's father. no one was hurt. sah shourd is working hard to get her two fellow hikers
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released. she tried lobbying iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. all three hikers were jailed more than a year ago on suspicion of spying. curt gregory has more now from new york. >> reporter: sarah shourd, relaxing friday on the streets of new rk, following a face to face meeting with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> it was great to tell him my story directly. so i'm very thankful for this and hopeful it will make a difference. >> reporter: shourd was jailed some 14 months ago along with her fiancee shaun bower and josh fattal after hiking acro the board into iron from iraq. shourd was released on humanitarian grounds. last week nbc's andrea mitchell asked the iranian president what evidence exists of spying by the americans. >> translator: i think you
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should let the judge and the court decide about the case. >> reporter: the freed american hiker has maintained the trio never intended to cross into iran and says she has guarded expectations. >> i have no expectations other than for them to show the same humanitarian as me. >> reporter: her colleagues remain thousands of miles away but very much on her mind. shourd says she holds no anisity towards the iranian government she wants her two fellow hikers released. lindsay lohan is out of jail. a los angeles sheriff's office says thectress got out before midnight witht spendi one full night behind bars. a judge overruled the decision yesterday morning to keep lohan in jail until a hearing october 22nd. she failed a court ordered drug test after spending three weeks in rehab and two weeks in jail. her original sentence called 90 days for each for violating
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probation from a 2007 drunk driving conviction. an appeals court judge set her bail at $300,0 and that allowed for her release. well she may be gone but eunice kennedy shriver's legacy lives on. today her memory is being honored with the declaration of the first-ever eunice kennedy shriver day and we're lucky enough this morning to be joined by 2005 her grandchildren in their first exclusive interview. molly shriver and caroline shriver, ages 1 and 13 p.m. ladies thanks you f joining us this morning. what is this day about? >> it's a day to honor my grandmother and help kids with speci needs. >> how many people did your grandmother want to touch? >> sthoeptd touch everybody. >> she had a goal of touching over 200 million people. tell me about your shirts. >> this is eks which is eunice kennedy shver and then has a plus at the end which is to add
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everybody, to include everybody. >> include everybody. you're wearing button. i hadn't seen that behind your hair. it says euce kennedy shriver. >> i was look at the special olympicswebsite. everybody writes every day paying tribute to your grandmother. it's once in a million years that you find a person of the caliber of mrs. shriver. i prefer to call her mom. what did you two call her. >> we called her grandma. >> what are some memory us have of her? >> being swimming and playing games and sports. >> she was very active throught her life wasn't she? >> she always wanted to make sure, especially with her sister rosemary that everybody was include and everybody got an equal chance and so did all of her special friends. >> when you're born into the kennedy family they probably
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bring you home and talking to about service even before you understand what that word means. what ha you done and participated in that you have been encouraged by your family to serve others? >> play sports and include everyone and gi everybody a chance. >> do you want to tell us today about the soccer field being dedicated in your grandmother's name? >> there's going to be a soccer field at the friendship academy. >> okay. >> and it's going to be dedicated to my grandmother and then later they are going play a big game with athletes and partners and just everybody. >> i also on the website people are writing in already about what they are doing today because of your grandmother for eks day. one person said i'l inspire my athletes to do their best. another said a community service project. someone said they are coming to the d.c. event. one person said i will just be thinking about her which must be so special to you.
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i want to let you all know i'm an assistant soccer coach for my daughter's team and you have nspired me to give the girls a. he talk about being inclusive in sports. which is something that your grandmother really embraced. let athletic abilities bring us together and not let intellectual disabilities divide us. >> let everyone have a fair chance in life and sports. >> how did your first interview feel, girls? >> good. >> nerve-racking? >> yeah. >> you wa to do it again >> yes. >> i think so. you're awfully cute. thank you for carrying on your grandther's message. i'm sure she would be very proud of you. caroline and molly river. we'll be back in just a moment to look at the weekend forecast. four years ago, bob ehrlich got for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%.
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and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. mile cde do.
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all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. michaela salahi has gotten a
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lot of attention for crashing a white house dinner. now she's using her celebrity for good. the dress she wore to that dinner is being auctioned in alexandria. the auction is scheduled for october 2nd. the dress could be sold for between $2,000 and $3,000. the salahis want 80% of the proceeds too the clinton-bush haiti fund as well as a local charity. i saw it hanging in the window. >> i wonder how much that went f? >> not that much. not that much. 9:21. let's check in with chuck. >> we're optistic the weekend is here and now the weather will cooperate for anything you want to do outside especially if you get it done today. tomorrow also a nice outdoor weather day but we'll that have rain chances start to sneak back in before weekend is through. outside on your saturday morning welcome to your weekend. somelouds hanging over washington. no real serious threat for rain today. i think our real rain threat
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doesn't ramp up until the second half of the day tomorrow. e're getting some morning sunshine through an otherwise partly cloudy sky. temperatures are mild indeed, 77 degrees at ronald reagan washington national airport. we made 99 degrees yesterday for a record high temperature. that mea now for the entire year we've had 66 days in the 90s. the all-time record the year 1980 with 67 days. we might get toe 90 today. if we do that means we have tied the record for the most number of 90 degree days. 70 around the metro area. 81 trees in frederick, maryland. 77 in martinsburg, west virginia. one or two lone some showers out here in the mountains of west virginia. they arealling apart as they come east of the mountains so i don't think we have much in the way of a rain threat in the washington area. might get hit bay drop or two. that's about it. by and large today will be a warm and dry day.
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temperatures in the upper 70s now. will climb to near 90 deges for a brief time today before the l front really starts to let the cooler air into the area. that takes place late tonight and through the course of the day tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow some 15 to maybe 20 degrees cooler than today. so a nice change coming our way. the frnt will get not too far down tour south. stall out around tidewater, virginia and then come back to the north as a big area of low pressure develops. that could ing ch need and much appreciated rain chances back into the area by late sunday night, smond a washout and tuesday looks pretty well. for today partly sunny, warm again. highs in the up 80s to near 90. tomorrow clouds on the increase. risk of shower late in the day. further south you live you might get the showers about lunch time. here's the all-important seven day forecasts. 89 today. 72 tomorrow. rain, needed rainfall for monday
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and tuesday. turning mild and dry again as we head towards the end of the week. colge football forecast a shout out the bostons brother played at oregon state we want oregon state to at boise. mountaineers take on lsu. bowling green takes on michigan. and edna scott her son plays for the richmond spiders so we're pulling for the spiders today even though the fighting blue hence of delaware, good luck top richmond as well. more cing up later. the nationals lo to end the season on a high note. >> dan hellie has highlights from last nights game in this morning's "sports minute".
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>> reporter: good morning, your "sports mite" starts with the nationals. nationals do have a four game winning streak for the first time all year. adam dunn crushed a pair of home runs. willie harris had an inside the park home run and jordan zimmerman struck out five batters in five innings. the nationals beat the braves 8-3. redskins in st. louis on sunday. this is the first me washington has been favored in a game all year. it's not by a lot. the skins still don't know if trent williams will be available. he practiced on friday. he's looking better but will be a game time decision. he's recovering from a bruised knee and sprained toe. williams officially list as questionleable. if he doesn't go, stefan hider will start. high school football our game of the week was in virginia. broad run looking to extend thr winning streak to 33 games at park view. park view the last team that beat them. broad run built a 21-0 lead and never looked back.
9:26 am
the spartans roll. 42-21. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. thank you, dan. >> ahead on "news4 today", a n concern over a string of burglaries in fairfax county. what police say was stolen. we're keeping an eye on a developing story. a plane evacuated in sweden because of aomb threat. we'll ha
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ood morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, september 25, 2010. all the news just ahead. first, those a quick check on our forecast with meteorologist chuck bell who joins us live now in the studio. what are we up to, 76. >> another warm day. ths is t last really warm day for at least a little while. i refuse to completely slam the
9:30 am
door on potential for hot weather. the summer started early and stayed late. outside right now a few fair weather clouds over washington but no rainfall here in town anyway. a couple of sprinkles on the radar. show the house brief second. 81 in frederick, maryland. 77 in martinsburg. 75 in annapolis. 71 in fairfax. 73 right now in leesburg, virginia. ere's a check of the radar. couple of sprinkles up in the mountains of west virginia. they are falling apart as they come eastbound. we'll be dry in to. but a warm one. gh temperature near 90 degrees once again. if you're making the drive out to stroudsville the cavaliers taking on vmi. thanks, chuck. breaking news rig now in prince george's county, maryland. police are on the scene of a homicide near walters lane and
9:31 am
hemar lane. police received a call about a shooting around 7 2k4r07b. they say once they got there they found a male victim in a vehicle who had been shot. rescuers rushed him to the hospital but he died there. also in prince george's county police are trying to figure out who shot three people overnight after a fight at an apartment complex. this happened in the 5,500 block of livingston terrace. a gunman shot twoen and one woman. the two men are in stable condition while the woman was treated and released. police have not released their identities nor do they have any information on the suspect. and we're following a developing story right now in sweden. police have aakistanan in custody after getting a tip that he had explosives on a plane. the flight was heading from canada to pakistan but made an emergency landing in stockholm.
9:32 am
> investigators say more than 60 crimes all overairfax county have been committed by the same person. the crime spree has stretch from sully and fair oaks to reston and mclean. there have been dozens of break ins but only one suspect and there's serious concern now beuse guns were stolen. jackie bensen has more now on the robberies. >> reporter: open garage doors, fairfax county police say it's an invitation to an extremely prolific thief targeng homes. he enters occupied homes during the overnight hours. >> the suspect ientering unlocked doors into the home, going inside the home retrieving car keys, entering the vehicles outside and taking items from in the car. >> reporter: the thief has been busy, very busy after a news story last friday warning the community about nearly four dozenreak ins police think he committed nearly 20 more. this time he stole something more than purses and wallets.
9:33 am
>> in the larcenies from veicles he stole two hand guns out of those vehicles. we're asking residents to be extremely cautious if they should encounter the suspect. >> reporter: fairfax county police are urging homeowners to keep their garage doors closed at all times. in oakton a cul-de-sac with just six homes, two had open garage doors this afternoon. one was closed soon after we pointed it out. >> we're very cautious. we don't leave it open overnight. we don't leave it open when we're not here. we have friends coming over that's why it's open now. >> reporter: there's a $1,000 reward for information in the case. jackie bensen, "news4 today." a vigil will be held in lorton tonight for a mother and her two young children who were killed in a tohouse fire. the mother and her two sons suffered from smoke inhalation and burns.
9:34 am
the children were 3 and 5 years old. a neibor believes candles may have started wednesday's blaze since the townhouse did not have electricity. onight's vigil will take place near the family's home. meanwhile the investigation continues in manassas as officials are still trying to figure out what cause a massive fire that destroyed several homes on thursday. fast-moving flames destroyed three houses and damaged five others. some residents are critical of the homes' constructi but fire officials who investigated the area say there were no structural violations. >> when they were building them i said ese things are too close together. >> my husband told me, he said no angel thourks are too close tother. >> these houses were built exactly according to code at the time that they were built. >> according to officials, sprinklers and reinforced exterior fire lls are n required in home construction in that area. today a memorial mass will be held for the cholic
9:35 am
university student who was shot and killed a month going. neal gillispie was riding his bike home from work when eric foreman shot and killed him. the mass is at catholic university at st. vincent depaul chapel at 4:00. it's open to the public. it may be time to ditch denim some jean alternatives are ahead in this week as want this. i know. and are you ready to rock the sfled our ownindsay
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>> reporter: i'm a buyer and marketer for universal gear, men's contemporary fashion store down on 14th street. today we'll ta more about pants, in particular a brand called life after denim. the name says it all. men's closets have filled with lots denim. they are looking for a couple more choice. takes some key notes from jeans and incorporate them into different pant styles. what i'm wearing your classic pin stripe. more casual style. vifs y gives you more versatility. another trend your cargo style but not frumpy. slimmer leg. more interesting details with your zip or button closure for your front pocket. another friend we've been seeing is color. lots of it.
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9:44. you going to do anything outside today? >> maybe walk from the car to the door. >> he's an outdoorsman, isn't he? if you really liked that taste of summer that we've been able to keep here in septemb it will last one more day. temperatures back up to 90 degrees before the afternoon is through. not much of a rain threat for today or for tomorrow. but by tomorrow m to late afternoon on into tomorrow night rain chance. desperately needed rain chance. outside on your satuay morning, st. beautiful day. little bit of sunshine getting through an otherwise partly cloudy sky. mi already. temperature has made it up to 77
9:45 am
degrees at national airport. on its way up to near 90 again before the day is through. it has been another scorcher of a month here in washington. so far september more than 4 1/2 degrees warmer than avage and still third warst stember on record. so far for the calendar year this is the all time hottest year ever on record hre in washington. ght now it's 76 in hagerstown ahagerstown. 73 in manassas. 71 in arlington. here's a look at the radar. one or two lone some sprinkles. they are falling apart as they come out of the mountains. not much of a rain drop in washington. after that look at the cooler air back up to our north and west. 49 in nneapolis right now. nice taste of coer air coming
9:46 am
our way. arrives tomorrow and sticks around for the first half of the week or so. the front won't make it too far down to the south. that will play a big part in our forecast. the front lays down in southeastern virginia, little ripple of low pressure comes along with it. sunrise torrow morning cloudy skies tomorrow morning. south of town, fredericksburg, stafford, spotsylvania, southern maryland might get a sprine as early as early afternoon tomorrow here in the washington area. our steadier rains arrive after sundown. monday and tuesday looks like soakers. today partly sunny quite warm. tomorrow the complete turn around clouds on the increase, cooler tomorrow, a risk of some showers late in the day. highs tomorrow in thor 60s and low 70s. the real good news in the forecast is monday and tuesday. i say on average one to two inches of rain across the area between monday and tuesday. that's good news. chance to dry out as we head towards the rest of the week. the hokies are up in
9:47 am
massachusetts taking on the boston college eagles. great weather for that game. stanford cardinal goes into south bend to take on the fighting irish. 62 degrees. eastern michigan goes into the horse shoe to take on the ohio stateniversity as i've been told by everybody who writes in. alabama goes to fayetteville, arkansas to take on the razorbacks. good whether there. temple goes to penn state. great weather in pennsylvania today for the football game. and my belovedooners getting ready for texas next week. taking on the bearkats in cincinnati. 58 degrees. perfect weather for otball. we're hoping for a one-point win today. tough game against air force last week. if you're a texas finance, it's ou-, the next week. i'll put that longhorn upside down. i heard about it week aft week last year but i'm doing it. >> hang loose.
9:48 am
thanks, chuck. okay. >> hang ten. still ahead this hour, lindsay czarniak sits down to lunch with one of the challenges biggest and wealthiest stars. >> we'll show you one swimming feat that will blow your mind. [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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move over, michael phelps. we have a new impressive swimming record. a new zealand man set the record by swimming 290 yards. not impressed? what if we told you he had swam 290 yards in a single breath. david mullen stayed under water for four minutes in the olympic size pool. mullens can old four gallons of oxygen and hold his head under water in a single breath for eight minutes. that's about five and a half
9:53 am
laps. i can't go all the way down with one breath. >> me earth. maybe four seconds not four minutes. >> every week news 4 star czar gets to sit down with some of the biggest athletes in our area. this week she got to dined with superstar nick backstrom. designee signed a ten year $67 million contract. we sure hope he bought lunch for lindsay in georgetown at cafe milano. ♪ >> reporter: you're from sweden, but you said it feels like you're coming home to d.c. you've oy been here a w years. you really like the city? >> yeah, i do. especially when i signed a contract for ten years, i have to feel like home. no, it's good. i like it here, i like the people herethe whole city, so --
9:54 am
>> how difficult is it to get over the language barrier? you seak very well, i know it wasn't that way for you when you first got here? >> no, it was hard. it was hard. we havenglish in school, but i wasn't that good. >> really? >> i was kind of like, it wasn't -- was embarrassing to come he the first couple times, i didn't speak. it's something you have to get used to. you're aamerican, and all the cultures and everything speak english, if you want to understand them, you ve to speak english. >> how did you learn it? >> i just tried to pick up a few words every day. the guys in the locker room. then you watch the television, of course. that helps you a lot. >> do not try to adjust the picture. there is nothing wrong with your tv. >> any certain shows you watch?
9:55 am
>> i watch all kds of shows, like -- i don't want to tell it on tv it's embarrassing. >> like what? >> girl shows. >> like what? >> "jersey shore." >> that's not embarrassing, lot of people like that. >> "two and a half men." >> as long as you're not saying "sex d the city" we're good. >> i actually watched that show too. >> i love that show so i'm not going to kno on you. >> you are a guy that everyon sees that makes your teammates better, there are a lot of people that think you'rehe core of this capitals team. do you like that role? you're kind of understated, you know? >> yeah, i mean -- i mean,
9:56 am
somebody tells me i'm that guy, i mean, i'm okay with it, i'm just trying to do my best out there. and helping the team. everybody wants to win, you have to get together as a group. that's a good thing. i want to be that guy. i would like to be that guy. i love it when they are honest but what they do, what they watch. >> theyzephyr to be $67 million man. >> hasn't sunk in eat, i don't think. that's it for "news4 today" everyone. we're back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. until then weope you have a great day.
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